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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not Even the Gates of Hell....

"...upon this Rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." -- Matthew 16:18

Jesus is speaking in this verse, and he declares Himself to be the rock upon which the church shall be built. Jesus Himself established, built, and nurtured the Church. The Church does not belong to any human being--not a deacon or deacons, not the Board, not the Pastor or Priest, not the Bishop, nobody. It belongs to Jesus.

And Jesus said that even the gates of Hell would not be able to prevail over the Church.

After 2000 years, He has proved to be right. Emperors, Kings, Queens, false religions, and others have tried to stamp it out. Hostile political forces, such as Communism/Marxism have proclaimed its demise. Academics have declared that it is irrelevant due to the 'enlightened minds that reject any notion of deity.'

Yet the Church still stands, and in many areas of the world it is getting stronger. The more Christians are persecuted, the more the Church thrives.

Let this be a warning to certain forces in the Middle East and American politicians that support them. You will lose in the end.

Prayer: "O God of Might and Power, the forces of evil and oppression are gathering together in a dark global plume that threatens the very foundation of the nation, as well as the Church. We are thankful that your dear Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, has already promised that even the gates of Hell cannot prevail against the Church. Let us stand at the ready, O God, to be your spokesmen in a world where every single thing we hold dear is under heavy attack. And we humbly ask that You will quickly defeat these forces of evil and protect your people, the Church, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen."

Song: 'The Church Triumphant" by the Gaither Vocal Band.

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