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Friday, May 13, 2011

MUSIC! Artist Spotlight

Back in the 50s a group of brothers from North Carolina began singing together in small churches and venues, gradually picking up some recognition along the way. They called themselves 'The Hopper Brothers.' Claude Hopper and his brothers began to make a mark on southern quartet singing.

But it wasn't until Claude married and his wife, Connie, joined the group that they really began to make some headway. At that point they called themselves 'The Hopper Brothers and Connie.'

In time, the brothers began to drop by the wayside, but Claude and Connie continued on and added their oldest son, Dean, to the lineup.

At that time a young lady by the name of Kim Greene was traveling and singing with her two brothers in a group known as 'The Greenes.' First thing you know Kim is dating Dean (when they could, between concerts), love blossomed, and the 2 were married.

Now, understand that Kim Greene is perhaps the finest female vocalist in Gospel Music today. When she married Dean, the Hoppers and Connie decided to add Kim to the lineup, and that's when the sparks flew all over the country.

The group became known as simply 'The Hoppers,' and their career skyrocketed with Kim singing the soprano, Connie on alto, Dean on lead/tenor, and Claude on the bass.

As a part of the original Bill Gaither Homecoming Tour, which started in the early 1990s, the Hoppers traveled all over the world and sang to perhaps millions of fans over the next 2 decades. They still travel and sing today and with great success.

The following sample features the Hoppers at their very best.  This was recorded at the Gaither Homecoming in a Georgia football stadium in Atlanta. As you will see, Kim's tremendous talent shines on this video--the Hoppers at their very best. The song they sang that day lit up the audience as nothing else in that concert. And, eventually many of the other groups got involved at the end. The crowd loved it.

I hope you enjoy this video, which is The Hoppers Singing 'It's Shouting Time in Heaven.'


  1. Thanks for spotlighting The Hoppers! This song "It's Shouting Time in Heaven," is my favorite song of theirs!

  2. I'll tell you one thing, they flat hit it out of the ballpark with that one! I love that song, and I love the sound they're getting with Kim and Dean added to the group.