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Thursday, April 7, 2011

'The Word' for Today, April 7, 2011

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."--Philippians 4:13

This has been one of the most important verses of scripture to me over the last several years in particular.  I was diagnosed with an inflammatory disorder in 2009 that effects not only the joints, but the eyes and skin.  Thankfully the disorder is under control with medications and the occasional steroid injections I receive directly into the eyes.

But I will admit the entire thing has been a daily struggle.  Pain is a part of life.  So is fatigue.  This is why I work at various tasks that involve a flexible schedule.  Adequate rest is a must.

These things have forced me to rely once again on the truth contained in the scripture verse for the day.  As I stated in yesterday's devotional, this is what got me through college.  And now it is getting me through life.

I have no doubt in the truth of this verse.  In Christ I can do all things.  So can you.  Through our faith in the awesome power of Jesus Christ, nothing can hold us back.  The victory is ours.  Take that thought with you this day, my friend!

Our song for the day is by The Isaacs, entitled, 'He Understands My Tears."

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