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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sometimes a Dream Can Have a Life-Changing Effect

We are going along in life doing the daily routine when suddenly, out of nowhere, we are caught off-guard by a profound dream, or brief vision or new insight.  Life forever changes.

I realize such an occurrence does not happen to everyone. But perhaps some people need such an unusual, profound event to make their lives better, to change their perspective on things.

My good buddy Glen Allred of the famed Florida Boys had such an occurrence and wrote about it in a song.  Glen did not write many songs.  His claim to fame was his voice--a quartet baritone that is considered by most insiders as among the top 2 or 3 best baritones in history, if not THE absolute best.  But when Glen wrote a song, it was memorable.

Such is the case with this song entitled, 'I Saw the Face of Jesus.'  Glen wrote this song in the late 60s when a tenor by the name of Tommy Atwood joined the group.  Atwood had been a long time country music fiddle player and felt the call to go into Gospel music.  Glen arranged the song so that Tommy would have the lead.

During the Atwood years the group switch to a country gospel sound as each member played instruments as well as sang.

Also included in this video is famed bass singer Billy Todd, who spent many years with the quartet until he left the road in 1972.  The other 3, Les Beasley, Glen Allred (who stands 2nd from the right), and pianist Derrell Stewart were together singing professionally from the 1950s until 2007, when the group retired from Gospel Music.

I hope you will enjoy this song.  It is special to me because it is written by one of the finest gentlemen in Gospel Music, a man who was a mentor and a friend, Glen Allred.  Click the link below for the song:

The Florida Boys sing 'I Saw the Face of Jesus.'


  1. Dreams can be our truest form of self discovery. I rarely remember them, so when i do, i know to act. Thanks for sharing a song i would not have otherwise heard.