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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sheltered in the Ark of Safety

"And the Lord said to Noah, 'Come thou and all thine house into the ark, for thee have I seen righteousness before me in this generation.'"--Genesis 7:1

Led by the Lord Himself, Noah built an ark--a ship--as a means of shelter and safety from a coming calamity.  That calamity would be a great flood during which scores of people would be killed.

Despite warnings from Noah concerning the coming devastation, most people laughed it off.  Only Noah's family took seriously the warning.

The Ark has been used as a symbol, a metaphor, for thousands of years, to denote the shelter and safety human beings can find in the salvation of the Lord.  Jesus Himself has often been referred to as the 'Ark of Safety.'  Others have referred to Him as 'the lifeboat.'

This things are true.  From a spiritual standpoint, the Lord is our shelter and shield, our safety not only in the present world but in the world to come.  "He who has ears to hear, let him hear!"

Back in the mid-1970s the Kingsmen Quartet recorded one of their most popular songs ever.  It was done acapella.  It was moving and many hearts and lives were touched and changed by its message.  The title of the song is 'The Old Ship of Zion,' and it speaks precisely about the theme I have discussed above.

A local, semi-professional group known as the River Bank Quartet re-recorded the song live in concert.  They do an outstanding job.  Here is the video of River Bank singing, 'The Old Ship of Zion.'  Listen closely to the words, and let them bless you...

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