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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"I Have Not Forgotten"

"Do this in remembrance of Me." --Jesus Christ

When Christ instituted the Lord's Supper, or as it is called in other traditions, Communion, the Eucharist, or the Mass, he stated the words provided above.  The event helps us remember His ultimate sacrifice on the cross--voluntarily laying down his life for sinners.

But in reality, those who have been touched by the living Lord need no help in remembering.  We remember how moved we were when He first drew us close to Him by His love and grace.  We remember the warmth we felt when He touched us.  We remember the joy of having our sins forgiven and our past washed away forever.  We will never forget. "Lord, I have not forgotten.  Jesus, only begotten."

The quotation is from a very moving song by the Inspirations entitled, 'I Have Not Forgotten.'  I first heard the group sing this song at a large southern auditorium in 2008.  I have never in my life seen an audience so moved by a song.  Some were shouting.  Some were raising their hands in praise.  Some wept.  Others sat silently, spellbound.  Here is the song as they sang it in a church in 2009.  I hope you are as moved by the song as I am.  Click here:  The Inspirations sing "I have Not Forgotten."

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