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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Evening Prayer for 4/12/2011

"O God, we pray tonight for America.  Our beloved country is in deep trouble.  We confess that many of us have played a role in her troubles at this hour--voting for persons through the years who not only have turned away from You but who have whittled away at our Constitution, our way of life, our freedoms, and our values.  Forgive us.  And speak to the hearts of those who remain blind to the horrors around us to this very day, oblivious to the forces of darkness that lead evil men to use government for their own selfish and oppressive purposes.  We ask that You will wake us up before it is too late.  Change the hearts of our nation's leaders or remove them from office.  And may we who claim your holy Name be steadfast in our fight for truth, for justice, for freedom.  May we use every ounce of strength we have for this cause and for the cause of the Christ who came to set people free.  In Your Great Name we pray, Amen."


  1. Amen, and well said, sir. I've linked to your prayer from my site.

  2. Thank you my brother. God bless you this night.