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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Prayer for 9/11

"Our Heavenly Father, as we remember the horrific events that occurred on this day 10 years ago, we humbly ask for your comfort as memories come flooding back into our minds like bad dreams. And in remembering may we honor the legacy left behind by the brave souls on United Flight 93, the fire fighters, police officers, and emergency medical personnel, and hold as sacred the lives of all of the victims in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. We confess to you our collective failure as a nation to keep the truth alive concerning what happened that day, allowing the misguided, and the duplicitous, to revise the sacred history of 9/11 and cloud the national vision of who and what perpetrated the attacks. Renew our sense of national unity in fighting the good fight against the forces of evil. We ask that you, O Father, would also open the eyes of the spiritually blind, even those who are engaged in terrorism around the world, so that they may recognize the wickedness of which they are a part, repent of their sins, and come to the truth. Be a special friend to those who mourn this day. And in their deep sense of loss let them experience your loving presence and find solace. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen."

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