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Monday, September 12, 2011

Come Home

Ever feel that you lost your way? That all your hopes and dreams in life have been dashed and lying in ashes?

Have you felt that you are basically alone, wandering as a ship with no compass, frantically trying to find direction in this crazy, mixed up world, but never really finding it?

Perhaps you grew up in a family where you were grounded in great, eternal truths that are timeless in that they have withstood the ravages of eons of human history. And yet, somewhere, somehow along the way you lost track of those truths, wandering off into some uncharted territory where the glitter that attracts you turns out to be nothing more than fool's gold in the end.

Perhaps you once lived as one who believed in the Lord with all your heart. You prayed to Him. You sang songs about Him. You read the Bible. You went to church.

But someone or something so severely disappointed you that you felt there was no alternative but to give up on it all, rejecting the very foundation of your whole life due to the misguided sins of some of the people of God.

And now, maybe you are feeling hopeless, that God has abandoned you and that you are beyond help.

Is there a message to you, just for you?

Yes. Come home!

The door is always open. You know where to go and what to do. The very same Lord you once claimed stands with arms wide open. The very truths that once gave your life purpose and direction are still there, waiting for you to claim them once again.

There is no need to hesitate or to wait, acting as if you are an outsider. You are not. You are one of His sheep who went astray. And the Bible tells us that He never abandons His sheep. You are His, no matter what you've done or how far away you have strayed.

Come home. This is where you belong. Those who love you wait with great anticipation. The Lord stands ready to throw His arms around you. All you have to do is walk through the door.

Your life is not over. You still have a chance. Turn back to Him. Let Him love you. Let God's people love you.

Come home, my friend, come home.

Song: "Come Home" by the Cathedral Quartet.

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