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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Wandering Minstrel

'Wandering' is an understatement.

Soloists in Christian music by and large do not fare well in the marketplace, especially not in Southern Gospel Music, where the emphasis is on quartets and trios. And while such lone minstrels do much better in 'Contemporary Christian Music,' the field is much harder to break into, and the deck is stacked against more mature artists in order to appeal to the younger set.

Thus, mature, seasoned soloists who are a bit older and who tend to steer toward middle of the road music--a combination of Southern Gospel, hymns, worship and praise, and country gospel--have a much harder time getting bookings, recording deals, and attention. So, we wander around as starving artists, minstrels who are simply looking for a place to sing.

Take Buddy Liles, for example.

Buddy is listed in my list of preferred links in the right column. For over 25 years Buddy was the bass singer for the Florida Boys. Back in the late 1990s he decided to move into the realm of solo work, and while today he keeps a rather full schedule, he can tell you that for years the going was very rough.

As a soloist, and a bass vocalist in a quartet, Buddy has one of those smooth, mellow voices that are rare in Christian music today. He is plenty low enough, but he has a voice that is so melodious that he can take a lead and sing it like a lead vocalist.

Buddy doesn't get much recognition although he deserves it.

And this is my point. Many of us who get out there and sing week by week do it because we love it, not because we get recognition, fame, or fortune. If these singers wanted to be rich and famous, they would sing some other form of music.

This is where you can come into the picture. Struggling artists such as myself are dependent on those who support what we are doing. If you support this ministry and like my singing, consider a donation during my special 10 Days Ablaze.  You can also get free gifts if you donate.

Prayerfully consider making your gift. Thank-you.

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