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Friday, October 14, 2011

Blazing a Trail

This ministry blazes a trail to some places that the Christian message does not normally go. With my extensive connections in the political world, some persons may click on these pages simply because they read my news stories and political commentary at The Examiner and The Liberty Sphere.

I am also engaged in taking the Christian message on the road--spreading the Gospel in song, word, and testimony. I write some of my own material, which is self-published and which does not bring much money, if any.

My programs at churches are free. I depend totally on what they are willing to give, and if they are willing to buy a CD. Some are unable to afford that, but the message is taken to them anyway. I have even given my CDs to some individuals for free, believing that it is more important for them to have the music than it is for me to make money.

However, such a practice does not come without some significant personal sacrifice. This is a shoestring operation that survives day-to-day. Sometimes I lose money. Sometimes I make a little money. As it evens out, I break even at best. In other words, I do not make enough money from this ministry alone to live on. Everything goes toward expenses.

This means that at any given moment in time, this operation will have to cease. Without funds I cannot get from place to place, nor get my music out to people who I feel sorely need it.

These are things to think about as you consider making a donation during my 'Ten Days Ablaze' going on right now, here at Martin Christian Ministries.

There are 4 levels of donations, each of which carry free gifts in appreciation for your support. The top 2 levels--Benefactor and Sponsor--carry a gift of a free leather-bound study Bible that I will send to you when you make either a $200 or a $100 donation. Other gifts are offered as well.

You can read all about the various levels of giving, and the free gifts that will be sent to you, right here.

This is a good opportunity for you to get free Bibles and free music--all for simply helping me in this ministry. Thank-you!

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