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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Info About the Free Study Bibles Offered as Gifts from Me

Some have asked about the nature of the study Bibles I am offering for free to those who make donations at the $200 level and the $100 level during my 'Ten Days Ablaze' going on right now, until the 22nd of this month.

At the $200 level you will receive a full, genuine leather-bound Thompson Chain Reference Bible--the most comprehensive and complete study Bible ever put together. This beautiful King James Version Bible adheres to the old adage that the best commentary on scripture is other scripture. In other words, for each phrase, key word, or verse, there is a reference to scores of other places in the Bible where the same subject is mentioned or discussed.

I have used Thompson for years and have benefited more from it in my studies than any other study Bible on the market..

The version I am offering costs $99 dollars if you buy it retail. I am offering it for FREE if you send a gift of $200. You will also receive 2 other gifts--2 CDs, one of my latest music entitled 'By Request,' and the other a vintage Gospel Quartet CD from 1972 of my own group The Royals.

At the $100 level you will receive a leather-bound Holman Study Bible. This is a copy of what is known in conservative/evangelical scholarly circles as the most accurate modern translation ever put together. It is called 'Holman Christian Standard Bible.'  100 scholars from 17 different Christian denominations translated the scriptures from the original Hebrew and Greek texts, and provided complete study notes.

This version retails for $56.00. You will get it absolutely free for a donation of $100. In addition, you will receive your choice of either the 'By Request' CD or the Royals Quartet CD.

At the $50 level you will receive a pocket New Testament plus your choice of one of the CDs being offered. The pocket New Testament is genuine leather and contains the Psalms. Retail price is $24.99. You will get it free along with your choice of either the 'By Request' CD or the Royals Quartet CD.

Hope this helps you to decide whether or not you wish to donate.

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