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Monday, June 4, 2012

Greetings after a long hiatus

Greetings to you my friends after a rather lengthy hiatus here at Martin Christian Ministries.

My sincere apologies for disappearing since Easter, but there have been circumstances.

Since mid-January I have struggled with a severe case of asthma, which turned into a lung infection involving significant congestion. Around mid-March I underwent an outpatient procedure during which the congestion is removed via bronchoscopy.

The procedure helped significantly. The after-treatment involves the regular, daily use of two inhalers that prevent the infection from recurring.

A side effect of the illness and its treatment, unfortunately, has been its impact on the voice. I have only been able to sing at two events since January, and to be frank I am still not feeling good enough about my voice to sing publicly except occasionally at my church.

Thus, the singing aspect of this ministry had to be placed on hiatus indefinitely. In other words, I am off the road and not presently accepting invitations to sing.

My voice has been adequate, however, for the speaking ministry, and I am slated to begin a new radio venture in July about which I am very excited. I should be able to handle that with no problem, Lord willing.

Needless to say, my difficulties since early in the year have put a significant dent in this ministry, and at times I have contemplated hanging it up altogether. The music has always been a central feature of what this ministry is about.

But, it never takes me long to remember that the music does not represent the entirety of this ministry. I write, I speak, I do Bible studies, I preach at churches, and the like, and there is nothing preventing me from fulfilling those functions.

I have been a Christian minister for the entirety of my adult life, and I will always be a minister. When one is called, that calling is never removed although the type of ministry in which one engages may change as time progresses.

My primary profession is that of music coordinator for a church and a political writer for a conservative online publication. But the way I see it, both of these are ministries if one approaches them from a Christian point of view.

And, I am gratified by the fact that this endeavor here at Martin Christian Ministries has reached an audience all over the world. Though that audience is not large, it's reach is vast, stretching all the way from the U.S. to Europe, to Russia, to the Philippines, to Brazil, and many other places in between.

So, I will continue writing here, as you will see in the days ahead.

I felt I owed it to you to give you an explanation for my absence of late and assure you that I will do all in my power to provide thought-provoking material here that will help you in your spiritual journey.

So stay tuned. God bless!

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