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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Thanksgiving Meditation

We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing
He chastens and hastens His will to make known
The wicked oppressing, cease them from distressing
Sing praises to His name, He forgets not His own.

So begins one of the most beloved Thanksgiving hymns of all time--'We Gather Together.'

This uniquely American holiday was born out of the deep religious and spiritual life that our forebears brought with them from Europe. In today's erroneous 'politically correct' world of public schools and such, children are being taught that the purpose for the first Thanksgiving was for the Pilgrims to give thanks to their Native American friends who had 'saved their lives.'

William Bradford, the Governor of the Pilgrim colony, would certainly vehemently disagree were he alive today. Bradford kept complete records of the events of that era. And in those records, readily available to anyone today who wishes to find the truth directly from the horse's mouth, can read Bradford's words for themselves.

In short, Bradford stated that given that nearly half of the Pilgrims died during their first winter at the colony, they gathered with their Native American friends to give thanks to GOD for sparing their lives and enabling them, through a new system implemented by Bradford, to prosper.

That system was free market capitalism. Their initial practice of having all things in common ended in abject failure. Thus, Bradford gave each family a plot of land for them to work for themselves and call their very own. They could grow their own food and sell and trade it with the Native Americans as they saw fit.

Thus, by the time the next winter rolled around, the Pilgrims were living in prosperity and abundance. And they wished to share that abundance with their Native American friends by throwing a massive feast of wild turkey, fish, corn, and vegetables. And they gave humble thanks to God--the God of the Bible, as Bradford makes clear--for enabling them to discover the path to this abundance.

These things are not opinion or conjecture. In George Washington's first Thanksgiving proclamation as President, he referred to the distinct religious, Judeo-Christian heritage and belief system that led the Pilgrims to stage the very first of what would become a rich American tradition of bowing in humble gratitude to God for our blessings.

Don't let some school teacher fill your children's heads with modern-day revisionist garbage. Read to them the actual words of Bradford, Washington, and others. You may have to do some correcting to the filth and lies they are being told at school and college.

This is no time to allow the forces of evil to remove all truth from the public square. Defy it! Challenge it! And make sure the rich religious traditions of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA remain intact for future generations.

And, above all, my prayer is that you all have a glorious Thanksgiving Day!

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