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Thursday, July 7, 2011

God Will Make a Way

Exodus 14 describes how God delivered the children of Israel from the bondage of the Egyptian Pharaoh. After God sent 10 great plagues to smite the Egyptians, Pharaoh decided to set the captives free. But when the Israelites left, he changed his mind and took his army to chase them.

When the children of Israel reached the Red Sea, they were frightened into panic, begging of Moses that he give them a way out. The great sea was in front of them, the Egyptian army was behind them. There was no place to go.

But Moses reminded them to look up and see the salvation of the Lord. God always makes a way when no way can be found. And up from the sea rose a dry path, allowing the Israelites to cross freely and safely. But when Pharaoh's army began to cross the clearing, the sea swallowed them up, covering the dry path with torrents of waves.  All of them were killed.

We never know how or in what manner God will make a way for us. But be remind, dear child, that He always comes through for His children, one way or another.

Song: God Will Make a Way.

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