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Saturday, February 4, 2012

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Several years ago a movie was released with the title displayed above, "All Dogs Go to Heaven."

When it first hit the movie theaters it immediately caught my eye because it resonated with something deep inside my spirit. And that is what I wish to talk about briefly today.

Through the years many people, too many to count, have approached me asking, "Chaplain, do you think animals go to heaven? Will we see our beloved pets again?"

I remember one lady asking me that question as I walked across the campus of a hospital system where I once worked. She had been in one of my classes for those in recovery from various emotional illnesses, including addictions.

Without thinking I simply blurted out what was in my mind at the time--"I sure hope so. It wouldn't be heaven if my beloved dog were not there."

Later I had some regret for saying that, because, frankly, Jesus Christ is what makes heaven a place of pure joy and peace. It wouldn't be heaven were HE not there!

But at the same time, I do think that in the scheme of things, the way heaven is described in the Bible, dogs and other pets would seem to be a perfect fit. I mean, why not?

Many Christians have historically debunked such a notion due to the fact that, in their view, animals do not have souls, and therefore, without a soul an entity cannot go to heaven.

How do we know for sure, though, that a dog has no soul? Is there a statement in the Bible that even remotely suggests such a thing? And where in the Bible does it state that having a soul is a requirement for getting into heaven?

The answer in both cases is that there is no such statement in the Bible.

"But," they object, "An animal does not have a will to choose and therefore cannot willfully choose to be a servant of God, a disciple of Christ."

Neither do infants. Yet we all assume that infants who die infancy are safe in the arms of the Heavenly Father. Why would it be any different for a dog?

In the Bible we find all sorts of wonderful descriptions and imagery that attempt to capture the essence of what heaven is like. We are told it is a land flowing with milk and honey, that there are streets of gold and walls of jasper, and mansions that have been built just for us, not to mention a place where we will be reunited with our loved ones who have gone before us.

These things do not make heaven heaven, however. Heaven is where God is in His essence, the holy light of the universe. And that is what heaven is in its essence. But these other things simply make it better.

Heaven would still be heaven even if our pets were not part of it. We would never miss them. Why? Because we will be too busy basking in the complete joy of the presence of Jesus.

However, it is my opinion that lots of things are provided in heaven that make it better for us humans who have spend our conscious life in this earthly home. Being able to be reunited with a beloved pet would be icing on the cake.

Thus, while I cannot point to any Biblical proof that this is true, there is also nothing in the Bible that teaches against it. It is a matter of speculation. And it is my opinion, after much speculation, that our dogs, cats, and other precious pets are a part of what God has prepared in that place in the great beyond.

After all, He made them. Why, then, would He discard them?

(Dedicated to the memory of my beloved dog Bo, who showed me more about the love of Christ than most humans!).


  1. Great last line, he made them why would he discard them? If you've read Heaven is Real or The boy who went to Heaven, one of them (I have to peek at them to figure out which one it was), states that there ARE animals in heaven, even lions..and the boy states that you can even pet the lions, they aren't mean up in heaven. So yes, I believe our pets are up in heaven. :-)

  2. Thank you so much for this commentary and your voice of reason on this issue. It reinforces the thoughts and hopes I've had over the years about all the furry members of my family. They have each been a precious part of my life and I agree completely with your assessment - if He created them for our enjoyment and to enhance our lives, why would He discard them when their presence would add even more to our unbelievable joy in Heaven? I truly believe we will be reunited with not only our human loved ones when we go Home, but also with our furry loved ones!

  3. I believe that too, Brenda...along with the conviction that Heaven will be infinitely more than anything our minds can imagine.

  4. I think of it this way: God cares for more than just we humans, sure He does. Because not even a sparrow falls to the ground without our Father knowing about it. Yes, He put animals here as part and parcel to our comforts and provisions, but that does not make them just disposable entities. Even a righteous man has regard for his beast/animals. Why would God not for His? Remember what was mostly aboard that Ark that Noe was instructed to build. They sure were not human, for the most part. Only eight of them were present, the rest were animals. And who says that none of those were pets.